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Giant Hogweed Removal

We offer Giant Hogweed removal and invasive weed management across UK

Heracleum mantegazzianum

Giant hogweed is a native of the Caucasus mountains and was introduced to Britain in 1893 as an ornamental plant. It escaped from gardens and now colonises many areas of wasteland and riverbanks. Each flower head produces
several thousand seeds that are easily dispersed by water, so the plant spreads rapidly along watercourses. It is a perennial plant, taking up to four years to mature and flower, after which it dies. It forms dense colonies that suppress the growth of native plants and grasses, leaving the banks bare of vegetation in winter and increasing the risk of erosion and recolonisation from seeds washed downstream.

Health hazard

The stems, edges and undersides of the leaves bear small hairs containing poisonous sap, and the slightest touch causes painful blistering and severe skin irritation. Un-shaded habitats with high soil nitrate levels (for example, riverbanks, roadsides and waste ground) tend to produce greater quantities of toxins in the plant. Contact with the cut material in sunlight produces a skin reaction in almost all cases. Blistering symptoms occur 24-48 hours after exposure, and dense pigmentation is visible after three to five days. This may persist for six years or more. Cut material remains active for several hours after cutting. Protective clothing must be worn when treating this plant because the hairs can penetrate light fabrics.

An introduction to Giant Hogweed
Giant Hogweed Identification

Giant Hogweed Weed Management

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